Occupy Medical was located daily at the Wheeler Pavilion, at the Fairgrounds, for the sick, non-hospitalized, unhoused to "shelter in place."

Who was accepted into Wheeler? 

People who are unhoused with COVID19 symptoms:

  ❏ new or worse cough ❏ Shortness of Breath / Difficulty Breathing


2 of the following symptoms: ❏ Fever 100.0* ❏ Chills ❏ Headache ❏ Repeated Shaking with Chills ❏ Sore Throat ❏ Muscle Pain ❏ New Loss of Taste or Smell 

All patients were tested for COVID via nasal swab.

Criteria to leave Wheeler: You go to the ER, or all symptoms resolve/ return to baseline x 3 days after 7 days since symptom onset.  

**Bring all medication and items needed, with you.

What was available at WUMR? 

★ Safe, sheltered rest 

★ Nutritious meals and snacks ★ Monitoring of vitals 

★ Medical appointment assistance 

★ Leisure activities such as movies, wifi, books, puzzles, games and art supplies 

★ Clothing and hygiene items 

★ Laundry service 

★ Private showers 

★ Integrated health support 

★ Judgement-free care 

★ COVID19 testing 

Wheeler Unhoused Medical Respite 

Staring 3/28/2020 through 5/31/2020, Occupy Medical stepped up to the plate to sponsor a medical respite site in cooperation with Lane County Public Health. The governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, declared a State of Emergency concerning the COVID19 pandemic. In order to preserve public safety, citizens must shelter in place. The unhoused do not have the capacity to shelter in place. If they have symptoms, they are in harm's way from the elements, the corona virus and any existing comorbidities. 

In order to protect this vulnerable population, Occupy Medical (OM) hosted a site at the Lane County Fairgrounds where unhoused visitors with respiratory symptoms were able to quarantine themselves while being monitored by the OM staff. Visitors underwent a screening process that began at the Eugene/Springfield shelters run hosted by St. Vincent de Paul. If a visitor fit the medical alert criteria, they were sent to the Wheeler Unhoused Medical Respite (WUMR) for further screening and possible admittance. 

VIsitors admitted to WUMR agreed to stay at the pavilion until they either achieved recovery in accordance with the guidelines set by the CDC.  (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/disposition-in-home-patients.html or their symptoms worsened and were admitted to the hospital for care. All visitors at WUMR were monitored for health fluctuations. We provided food, shelter, and safety. This site was designed for safe recovery for the unhoused.

 At the Lane County Fairgrounds Wheeler Pavilion 796 W, 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402

Driving Tips Enter at Gate A on the right side of W. 13th Ave after Tyler St. Turn left towards the Wheeler Pavilion 

Main Points for COVID-19:


Occupy Medical is a community supported organization. We rely on our network to keep the work we do flourishing. We have many people to thank over the years. Some help came in the form of in-kind donations like vitamins and scrubs, some came in the form of gift cards or discounts, Some came in the form of grants and some came in the form of checks or donations through our PayPal account. We cherish every one of you who have reached out. 

The list below is only a fraction of people, companies and organizations that have donated to help us offer healthcare as a human right.

Can we say thank you? If your name is not on the list please let us know.


Nel Applegate             Charlotte Brandt          Sue Denker                 Aleta Florentin 

Paul Bergner               Ellen Furstner             Yaakov Levine            Rose Brumley

Chris Hannegan          Rachelle Phipps          Mellisa Walker            Donna Riddle

Lisa Johnson               Dr Willy Foster            Pam Garrison              Ken Nuebeck

David Hofferbert         Lisa Stein                    Justine Cooper            Ahavah Oblak             

Jody Wearin                Bobbi Jo Newton        John Reiss                  Dr. Leigh Saint-Louis

Yvonne Endersby       Phyllis Laners              Wendy Moore             

Dr. Bruce and Debra Harrow                          Sharon Trigg and Phil Means

Pattie Leahy and Joe Casey                          Linda and Rick DeAngelo       Jen and Scott McCall

James Strieby and Charles Congdon            Ron Pike and Vickie Nelson     

Donations Requested: