Visit us at our Sunday clinic at 1717 Centennial Blvd. suites 4 & 7, from noon till 4pm. Please come early and get your name on the list between 11:50 and 1pm to assure you get an appointment. We stop taking patients at 3pm. Take LTD buses 13 or 18.

Ven a nuestra clínica en 1717 Centennial Blvd. interior 4 y 7. Estamos abiertos los domingos de 12-4:00 pm. Llega temprano para registrarte entre las 11:45 am y 1:00 pm para asegurar tu consulta ese día. Tenemos estacionamiento gratuito. Las rutas 13 o 18 de transporte público LTD vienen a la clínica. Hablamos español.

Occupy Medical is a 100% volunteer, 501(c)3 organization of dedicated healthcare professionals and support personnel who believe healthcare is a basic human right that must be made accessible to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

Occupy Medical es una organización 100% voluntaria de apasionados profesionales de la salud y personal de apoyo, que tienen la convicción de que el cuidado de salud es un derecho humano básico que debe ser accesible a todas las personas, sin importar su habilidad de pagar.


Occupy Medical at the Park Blocks in the summer of 2016

Hospitality Services/Servicio De Hospitalidad

When you come to your visit, stop by our hospitality suite. Our friendly hospitality staff serve coffee, food and beverages to over 100 people every Sunday. We have cat and dog food for visitors with pets. We have toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, sunscreen, gloves, combs, nail clippers, condoms, diapers and many other personal care products.

Cuando vengas a tu consulta, visita también nuestra área de hospitalidad. Nuestro amable equipo de hospitalidad sirve café, bebidas y alimentos más de 100 personas cada domingo. Tenemos alimento para gatos y perros para los que nos visitan con su mascota. Tenemos cepillos de dientes, pasta dental, jabón, champú, filtro solar, guantes, peines, cortaúñas, condones, pañales y muchos otros productos de cuidado personal. Hablamos español.


We offer medical, wound care, herbal medicine and emotional support. All services are free. You can choose as many as you would like to use during your visit.

Te ofrecemos cuidado de salud médico, curación de heridas, medicina natural herbolaria, y apoyo emocional. Todos los servicios son gratuitos – tú puedes escoger todos los que quieras usar durante tu visita.

  • Presión arterial
  • Diabetes
  • Edema (retención de líquido)
  • Curación de heridas
  • Neumonía/resfriados
  • Salud mental
  • Referencia a programas
  • Nutrición
  • Productos higiénicos

History of Occupy Medical

Since the first Occupy Eugene encampment, Occupy Medical has evolved from a loosely knit association of volunteers providing first aid in the camps, into a cohesive team of primary care practitioners delivering no cost, high quality medical services to the Eugene-Springfield community.

Our goal is offer care in the “healthcare as a human right” model. We are providing an example to our community of the impact of offering Universal Healthcare looks like in practice. To this end, we are also filling the need for access to medical care by offering a free medical clinic to all throughout Lane County, and assisting other communities in creating their own Clinic program.

In 2012, we were awarded a grant from Oregon Community Foundation to pay for a former blood mobile which we refitted into a mobile clinic. We started serving patients every Sunday at the Park Blocks in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Our team of volunteers grew as word of a free clinic expanded. By 2015, we were offering integrated healthcare to 40-60 patients and giving free food and hygiene supplies to between 200-300 visitors.

Occupy Medical Demonstration Clinic held in Roseburg with the group Feed the Burg providing a massive free buffet for all in December of 2017

For part of 2016, and most of 2017, we used our bus as an herbal medicine office parked in front of the building at 13th and Ferry St, and also for demonstration clinics in other cities. October 15th, 2017 was our final day at the 13th and Ferry St location. White Bird graciously offered their building to us for a year, but sold the building and we at OM are worked hard to find a new building. In the mean time, we made due by serving medicine out of our bus at Washington Jefferson Park.

In June of 2018, we worked with a group of University of Oregon graduate students to get a grant from the Faye and Lucille Stewart Foundation. This allowed us to lease a building at 1717 Centennial Blvd. suites 4 & 7 in Springfield, Oregon. Visit us there to join us in our commitment to honoring Healthcare as a Human Right!