Visit the Occupy Medical clinic on Saturday

Visit us at our Saturday clinic at 532 C Street, Springfield. In the basement from 2 till 4pm. Please come early and get your name on the list between 2pm and 3pm to assure you get an appointment. We stop taking patients at 4pm.

Ven a nuestra clínica en 532 C Street, Springfield. Estamos abiertos los domingos de 2-4:00 pm. Llega temprano para registrarte entre las 2pm para asegurar tu consulta ese día. Tenemos estacionamiento gratuito.

Hospitality Services / Servicio De Hospitalidad

When you come to your visit, stop by our hospitality suite. Our friendly hospitality staff serve coffee, food and beverages to over 100 people every Sunday. We have cat and dog food for visitors with pets. We have toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, sunscreen, gloves, combs, nail clippers, condoms, diapers and many other personal care products.

Cuando vengas a tu consulta, visita también nuestra área de hospitalidad. Nuestro amable equipo de hospitalidad sirve café, bebidas y alimentos más de 100 personas cada domingo. Tenemos alimento para gatos y perros para los que nos visitan con su mascota. Tenemos cepillos de dientes, pasta dental, jabón, champú, filtro solar, guantes, peines, cortaúñas, condones, pañales y muchos otros productos de cuidado personal. Hablamos español.

Welcome to Occupy Medical, Healthcare for All.

We offer medical, wound care, herbal medicine and emotional support. All services are free. You can choose as many as you would like to use during your visit. Here are some common problems we help with:

Te ofrecemos cuidado de salud médico, curación de heridas, medicina natural herbolaria, y apoyo emocional. Todos los servicios son gratuitos – tú puedes escoger todos los que quieras usar durante tu visita.

  • Blood pressure (Presión arterial)

  • Diabetes

  • Edema (Retención de líquido)

  • Wound care (Curación de heridas)

  • Pneumonia/chest colds

  • Scabies

  • Mental health (Salud mental)

  • Program referrals (Referencia a programas)

  • Nutrition (Nutrición)

  • Hygiene supplies (Productos higiénicos)

If your health problem is urgent

  • Dial 911, or…

  • Go to your closest Urgent Care Center, or…

  • Proceed directly to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital

We do NOT offer medical advice online

We attempt to serve our community every Sunday, but sometimes holidays like Christmas Eve can find us too short of volunteers.

Occupy Medical believes that everyone, regardless of income or status, should have access to medical care without the fear of financial burden or being considered unimportant by their caregivers.

We strive to listen to everyone who comes to our clinic, to build a positive culture in the community, and to give the best care possible at no cost to the city and the people.

Occupy Medical provides an extensive list of services to the community at large, but when an issue arises that we cannot fully treat, we colaborate with other groups to provide the most effective treatment possible.

Occupy Medical is a 100% volunteer, 501(c)3 organization of dedicated healthcare professionals and support personnel who believe healthcare is a basic human right that must be made accessible to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

Occupy Medical es una organización 100% voluntaria de apasionados profesionales de la salud y personal de apoyo, que tienen la convicción de que el cuidado de salud es un derecho humano básico que debe ser accesible a todas las personas, sin importar su habilidad de pagar.