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Pitch in!  Our motto is: “Two hours ain’t bad!”

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Our clinic exists solely through the support of our community. You may also donate by bringing us donations from the wish list in the Donations / Volunteer page on this website.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. To send a check donation to us, write your check to Occupy Medical.

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Occupy Medical Clinic Bus, Examination Trailer, and support vehicles

We are a 100% volunteer clinic that provides services at no charge to our patients. As a not-for-profit clinic, the success of our services depends on not only our volunteers but the donations and support from our community.

Occupy Medical thrives with the work of our volunteers. Whether it’s only a couple hours a month, or a full day every week, everyone who contributes their time helps our patients in unmeasurable ways and the people who donate their time quickly find themselves attached to the people they serve and the staff they work with.

We’re always looking for a wide range of volunteers, including but not limited to:

Health and helping-profession students are also welcome as we train all of our caregivers using a “hands-on” mentoring process. If you do join our team, all of our volunteers are oriented by an established worker at the clinic. We ask that you provide current or recent licensing status.

Practitioners are eligible for “Good Samaritan” liability waivers from the State.

Occupy Medical not only serves, but teaches others our methods, so they can start their own free clinic. This is our Demonstration Clinic in Roseburg in December of 2017